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Berlin in 66 Structures

Berlin in 66 Structures

As Google reminded us 100th anniversary of Bauhaus with its doodle, I decided to dig through my archive to find the photos I took in Berlin years ago. The quality of the photos was shouting out that it has been almost 9 years already. But this did not stop me to post a summary list of the structures and spaces I’ve seen on that journey.

You will see places & things with a wide range of scales from hand sized to urban touched. Although it is a city rebuild after the war, you will visit some structures which are over 100 years old as well. Berlin is a great city for architecture oriented people and here you will check some samples by the leaders of this field: such as Renzo Piano, Rem Koolhaas, 3XN, Walter Gropius, Zaha Hadid, David Chipperfield and more.

I hope you will enjoy this quick list and let me know the names of the places, which I could not remember after those years. / Photos from the autumn of 2010. 

Google’ın doodle ile Bauhaus’un 100ncü yılını hatırlattığı şu günlerde, ben de seneler evvel çektiğim Berlin fotolarını arşivden bulup çıkarmaya karar verdim. Fotoların kalitesi, üzerinden neredeyse 9 sene geçtiğini adeta haykırıyordu. Ama bu gene de, o gezide gördüğüm yapı ve mekânların bir listesini yayınlamaktan beni alıkoymadı.

Burada el boyutundan kentsel ölçeğe kadar uzanan bir genişlikte yerler ve nesneler göreceksiniz. Bu şehir savaş sonrası yenilenen bir şehir olsa da, yaşı 100’ü aşkın yapıları da ziyaret edeceksiniz. Berlin mimari severler için harika bir yer, öyle ki bu albümde bu alanın öncülerinden Renzo Piano, Rem Koolhaas, 3XN, Walter Gropius, Zaha Hadid, David Chipperfield ve daha fazla isimle karşılaşacaksınız.

Umarım bu kısa liste hoşunuza gider ve seneler sonra hatırlayamadığım bazı yerlerin isimlerini benimle paylaşırsınız. / Fotolar 2010 güzünden.

01 shell haus Emil Fahrenkamp.jpg

No.1 Let's start with the Shell Haus by Emil Fahrenkamp, which opened in 1932.

02 st matthaus church.jpg

No.2 St. Matthäus Church was built in 1844-1846.

03 Neue National Galerie by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.JPG

No.3 Neue National Galerie by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

03 Neue National Galerie column Alper.jpg

Young Alper fooling around the column.

04 sony center murphy jahn.jpg

No.4 The dome of the Sony Center by Murphy-Jahn.

05 The Orchestra Academy and Sony Center.jpg

No.5 The Orchestra Academy and Sony Center

06 Philharmonic Hall by Hans Scharoun.JPG

No.6 Philharmonic Hall by Hans Scharoun. This building and its acoustics became a model for many others after it was built in 1963. (and yes, I managed to catch a construction work there too!)

06 Philharmonic Hall Simon Rattle.JPG

But also was lucky to listen the orchestra. Simon Rattle was at the helm.

07 potsdamer platz.jpg

No.7 Potsdamer Platz is a public square, counts as the heart of the city by many people.

07 potzdamer platz corners.jpg

Corners of the Potsdamer Platz.

08 09 Beisheim Center and Delbruck Haus.JPG

No.8 Beisheim Center on the left and no.9 Delbruck Haus by Hans Kollhoff.

10 Kollhoff-Tower by Hans Kollhoff.jpg

No.10 Kollhoff-Tower by Hans Kollhoff.

11 Potsdamer Platz Office and Commercial Building by Renzo Piano.jpg

No.11 Potsdamer Platz Office and Commercial Building by Renzo Piano.

12 bahn tower sony center.jpg

No.12 Bahn Tower by Murphy-Jahn, the tower of the Sony Center.

13 park kolonnaden.jpg

No.13 Park Kolonnaden is a building complex at Potsdamer Platz.

14 buro.JPG

No.14 An office complex at Potsdamer Platz.

15 debis haus renzo piano.jpg

No.15 Debis Haus by Renzo Piano serves as the headquarter of Daimler-Benz.

16Boulevard of the Stars.jpg

No.16 Boulevard of the Stars is Berlin’s own hall of the fame. These are stars from there.

16 Boulevard of the Stars Wim wenders.jpg

And young Alper pretending that he is being announced by Wim Wenders. (yeah, keep dreaming)

17 Theater am Potsdamer Platz.jpg

No.17 Theater am Potsdamer Platz

18 Berlin wall.jpg

No. 18 Of course the Berlin Wall

18 wall berlin.JPG

Becoming the Wall

19 Science Center Medizintechnik  20 embassy usa.jpg

No.19 Science Center Medizintechnik by Gnadinger Architects and no.20 The Embassy of USA

21 Akademie der Kunste.jpg

No.21 Akademie der Kunste by Behnisch Architects.

22 old building berlin.jpg

No.22 An old building, which I can’t remember the name.

23 Brandenburger Tor.jpg

No.23 Brandenburger Tor

24 The Representation Building of Schleswig-Holstein.JPG

No.24 The Representation Building of Schleswig-Holstein, which is the northernmost of the sixteen states of Germany.

25 Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe by Peter Eisenman.JPG

No.25 Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe by Peter Eisenman.

26 reichstag.JPG

No.26 Reichstag building. I have photo of the dome by Norman Foster too, but the quality (of the photo) is awful.

27 a yard.jpg

No.27 A yard. I don’t remember the location but I like such small surprises of the city.

28 mosse haus.jpg

No.28 Mosse Haus by Cremer&Wolffenstein. But after damaged in WWI architect Eric Mendelsohn grafted a new corner onto the existing structure.

29 Checkpoint Charlie.jpg

No.29 Checkpoint Charlie. Maybe not interesting as a single structure but the perception as an icon can be discussed.

30 Topography of Terror Documentation by Heinle, Wischer and Partners.jpg

No.30 Topography of Terror Documentation by Heinle, Wischer and Partners.

31 StresemannStrasse Residential by Zaha Hadid.jpg

No.31 StresemannStrasse Residential by Zaha Hadid is clad with bronze.

31 z beer bonus.jpg

Bonus: A Beer Bike. Maybe we can count this one as a structure too. Look, it even has a canopy!

32 altes stadthaus 33 observation tower.jpg

No.32 Altes Stadthaus (old townhouse) and no.33 an observation tower.

34 Lennestrasse Residential and Office Petzinka Pink Architects.jpg

No.34 Lennestrasse Residential and Office building by Petzinka Pink Architects.

35 Parkside Apartments by David Chipperfield Arch..jpg

No.35 Parkside Apartments by David Chipperfield Architects.

36 Marie Elisabeth Lüders Haus.JPG

No.36 Marie Elisabeth Lüders Haus and Paul Löbe Haus (by Stephan Braunfels) were my favorite buildings on this trip.

36 Paul Löbe Haus.jpg

Beautiful, strong, yet simple shapes.

37 Chapel of Reconciliation by Reitermann and Sassenroth.jpg

No.37 Chapel of Reconciliation by Reitermann and Sassenroth is located on the land where the Protestant Reconciliation Church used to stand from 1894 until it was blown up in 1985.

38 TV Tower and St.Marien chrch.jpeg

No.38 TV Tower and St. Marien Church.

39 housing berlin.jpg

No.39 A housing block, of which I can’t remember the location.

40 cafe bravo Dan Graham and Johanne Nalbach.jpg

No.40 Café Bravo by artist Dan Graham and architect Johanne Nalbach is located in the corner of the courtyard of KW Institute for Contemporary Art.

41 Friedrichswerder Church.JPG

No.41 Friedrichswerder Church by architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel.

42 bonus font.jpg

Bonus: Fonts underground

42 Liebknechtbrücke.jpg

No.42 Liebknecht Bridge (Liebknechtbrücke)

43 empty green field with a hearth in.JPG

No.43 An empty green field can be a structure, where people would like to fill with their hearts in.

44 altes Museum.JPG

No.44 Altes Museum was built between 1823 and 1830 by Karl Friedrich Schinkel.

45 berliner dom.jpg

No.45 Berliner Dom.

46 Jewish Museum by Daniel Libeskind.jpg

No.46 Jewish Museum by Daniel Libeskind.

47 jungfern bridge.jpg

No.47 Jungfernbrücke (the Virgin Bridge) is the oldest surviving bridge in the city.

48 Embassy of Netherland by Rem Koolhaas.jpg

No.48 The Embassy of Netherland by Rem Koolhaas.

49 stolper stein.JPG

No.49 These are Stolperstein (means stumbling stone) a project by Gunter Demnig for the victims of Nazism. First stone took place in 1994 in Cologne (Köln) and by 2010 they were more than 20’000 in more than 500 cities (not only in Germany).

I count them as a whole structure, getting bigger in our memories.

50 office Sozialverband Deutschland.jpg

No.50 An Office building for the Sozialverband Deutschland by Léon Wohlhage Wernik Architects.

51 Stiftung Neue Synagoge.JPG

No.51 Stiftung Neue Synagoge

52 bridge copy.jpg

No.52 A bridge, of which I couldn’t remember the name. I like how it politely recesses.

52 bonus.jpg

Bonus: Street fonts.

53 NRW State Representation by Petzinka Pink Architects.JPG

No.53 NRW State Representation by Petzinka Pink Architects.

54 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.JPG

No.54 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

55 surprise yard step down.jpg

No.55 Another surprise yard. Sometimes all you need is to ‘step down’.

No.56 Bauhaus Archive by Walter Gropius, the founder of the Bauhaus. It was planned in 1964 for Darmstadt but built in 1976-79 in modified form in Berlin.

57 postfuhramt.jpg

No.57 Postfuhramt, constructed in the 19th century as a distribution depot and stables for Berlin's horse-drawn postal wagons. Currently it is being used as an exhibition center by a gallery.

58 office red.jpg

No.58 An office building with brick facade, though I don’t remember the name.

59 spree dreieck.jpg

No.59 SpreeDreieck, an Office building by the river.

59 ich weiss du hast keine ahnung von kunst.jpg

Bonus: A reproach on the streets of Berlin: “I know you have no idea about art” (and an ‘artistic’ cover on a facade of a building)

60 Public garden of the Friedrich Elbert Foundation.jpg

No.60 The public garden of the Friedrich Elbert Foundation.

61 Bundeswehr Cenotaph.JPG

No.61 Bundeswehr Cenotaph, a memorial commemorates the servicemen of the Bundeswehr.

62 embassy malaysia.JPG

No. 62 The Embassy of Malaysia.

63 embassy of Mexico by Teodoro Gonzalez De Leon and Francisco Serrano Cacho.JPG

No.63 The Embassy of Mexico by Teodoro Gonzalez De Leon and Francisco Serrano Cacho.

64 corner step up.jpg

No.64 I am not tired of saying that I love such surprises in the city. A simple pass and a simple solution by raising the corner just with a step.

65 Berlin Hauptbahnhof  alperego.jpg

No.65 Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) by GMP Architects.  

65 bonus oktober fest berlin.jpg

Bonus: Sometimes you just need an empty square to gather around, and sometimes just couple of small bottles.

66 Embassies of the Nordic Countries.jpg

No.66 Embassies of the Nordic Countries by Berger+Parkkinen, 3XN, PK Ark., Snohetta, Viiva Ark., Wingardh Ark. The complex includes five Nordic countries: Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

I know there are a lot to cover in Berlin, but I visited all these places and some more of them in just 4 days. When I will find chance to go to Berlin again, I will visit some of them again for sure.

Write me your favorite places in Berlin so I can add to my future list.

Let’s talk about architecture!

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Lone Pine

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