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101st Post

101st Post

While keep telling myself that I am still not sure where this blog is going (or going somewhere at all), I realized that I prepared 100 posts already since August 2016. For not a full-time blogger this is not bad I guess. However, this doesn’t make me stop thinking about the format and content of this website. Below you will find my popular contents and the changes I will make from this post on.

It started as a collection of my photo albums with short descriptions. This was for sharing the moments with others but also organizing my archive. I still have tons of photos in my hard disks, waiting for me to edit and share. This ‘organizing’ thing is always keeping me busy, but as I visit a new place bunch of new photos are joining to my ‘army’ as well, which makes my archiving efforts as an endless occupation. This must be the inevitable result of our technology based visual world.

When I look back to the first 100 post, the most popular ones for all time are like below:


Aya Elena Church

1- Aya Elena Church: a church near Konya, dates back to 327.

(‘About me’ page ranks as second)

(‘Map’ page ranks as third), where you can find geo-locations of the places on my posts.


Karatay Madrasa

2- Karatay Madrasa: a beautiful building from Seljuk period, dates 1251.


Sahip Ata Vakif Museum

3- Sahip Ata Vakif Museum: another building from Seljuk period.


Aziziye Mosque

4- Aziziye Mosque: a baroque architecture from Ottoman period.

The Hive

5- The Hive: one of the best educational building I’ve ever been.


Iplikci Mosque

6- Iplikci Mosque: a simple box-shaped mosque from Seljuk period.



7- Konya: a city in the center of Anatolia and home to dervishes.


Ince Minareli Madrasa

8- Ince Minareli Madrasa: another madrasa from Seljuk period in Konya.



9- Sille: a very old town near Konya.


Kiasma Museum

10- Kiasma: one of the best museums I’ve ever seen.

One fact shouts loud from this list is that 8 out of 10 are from our Konya trip. Probably it is because the lack of information in internet, especially in English. Although my posts are highly visual (with less text), means these contents are still being shown on search results. This is also another proof that local touch always counts!

And let’s look at top 10 for the last 30 days:


Lake Salda

1- Lake Salda: a stunning place, which I hope will remain as it is forever.

13 park kolonnaden.jpg


2- Berlin in 66 Structures: A collection from my Berlin trip I did almost nine years ago.

3- Ince Minareli Madrasa: still in the list.

(‘Map’ page ranks as forth), means I am not alone who likes to check maps.

4- Aziziye Mosque: still in the list.

5- Iplikci Mosque: still in the list.


Mevlana Museum

6- Mevlana Museum: another place in Konya, dedicated to a 13th century mystic.


Garage Museum

7- Garage Museum of Contemporary Art: a project by OMA, led by Rem Koolhaas. (video post)

8- Karatay Madrasa: still in the list.


Lone Pine

9- Lone Pine: a peaceful WWI memorial in Gallipoli.


Vilnius University Library

10- Vilnius Library: a place for non-material creativity. (video post)

Half of the list is from that Konya trip, which shows that they are still in demand although they were posted older than others. Another result is that two of ten posts comes from video posts, which is the biggest change recently I made:

Three weeks ago I started a YouTube channel and already uploaded four videos there. While my blog posts are focusing on any kind of places, on this channel I will be mostly talking about architecture and I am hoping to receive feedback from everyone.

Because I believe that architecture should be discussed more often outside of the construction community. A better life starts with dreaming of a better future and architecture plays an extremely important role on this.

I have to say that preparing videos for YouTube, takes a lot of time! Writing content, shooting, editing, organizing, post production, they all are crazily time consuming. Therefore, still I can’t see how often I can upload a new video but just to ease things a bit, from this post on I will be posting only in English. Even though most of my texts are not too long, I was trying to post them both in Turkish and English. Many of them I managed to do so, but from now on this blog will be in English only.

Lastly I would like to mention that (as it is visible for some of you already), I am changing the outlook of the website as well. I believe this new style has better navigation and after almost three years a little change won’t hurt anyone, can even benefit instead. 

Let me know what you think about these movements and write down below if you have some more suggestions. Thank you all for being with me on this journey!

Mc Donald's in Batumi

Mc Donald's in Batumi

Anzac Cove and Ariburnu Cemetery

Anzac Cove and Ariburnu Cemetery